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Indiana Buck with a 410 SLug

A white-tailed deer

A white-tailed deer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was hunting in central Indiana and I had already taken 2 does with my .410. I had a buck tag left but I was sure that I would not be lucky enough to get one. The guys who leased the property with me said that an 8 point was roaming the property but no one had been able to get a shot at it.

My tree stand sets in a row of trees that divides 2 fields. I climbed up in my stand , unzipped the .410 from it’s case and waited.  I was scanning both fields for about 45 minutes when I saw the large, dark brown, body of a deer in the field to my left. Its head was down and it was about 30 yards away. I looked at its head and noticed it was the buck that the other guys had been talking about. It crept slowly into the tree line and I slowly brought the Marlin into a get ready shooting position. I waited for it to travel through the trees and it appeared without a sound to my right. Its head was down but its chest was behind a few shrubs so I waited for it to move. It moved 3 more feet and I had a clear, broadside shot at it’s chest. The inner circles of the crosshairs moved on it’s chest as I told myself to calm down. I squeezed the trigger and the buck jumped in the air kicking toward his chest. It ran to my right and I levered another round in the Marlin. I was going to shoot again but the buck staggered and fell 20 yards from my stand. It was the largest deer that I have ever shot with anything. If someone tells you, that you can’t kill a deer with a .410 I have killed 3. It is not a stunt and a .410 slug in the vitals is a lot more effective than a 12 gauge slug anywhere else.

Scott Mahl

The 410/45 Shotgun Dilemma

The 410 shotgun 45 handgun combination is quite appealing to many people. Firstly, you have the 45 Colt cartridge with its proven ballistics as a hunting and self defense round: “Double Tap” ammo has a 225 grain round that boasts 1117 pounds of muzzle energy and a wopping 1495 fps! As for the .410 shotgun side of things, because the 45 colt round and the 410 Hull are of equal size you can chamber both. The .410 shell loaded with #4-7 birdshot at a close distance can wreak havoc on snakes: both those that crawl and those that do not.

Great ammunition for cowboy action shoots and target shooting. Developed with controlled recoil for enhanced accuracy. Loaded with 250-grain lead round-nose bullets.

The purpose for writing this article is that some folks have written in wondering what size slug to use in the Taurus or Leinad family of rifled 45/410 pistols. The largest .410 shotgun slug is only .410″ in diameter. The 45 Colt is .451-.454 and therefore you can fire a .410 slug from your Taurus, Rossi, et al., but accuracy will be lousy as will power. The 45 Colt is the slug for this family of .410 shotgun.

Some guys mistakenly believe you can fire a .45 slug from a .410 shotgun – not so. The same principle works in reverse and if you try to fire that .45

Buffered .410 Coyote Round

The statute outside Cabela's in Wheeling, WV

Image via Wikipedia

Going out to try some new .410 shotgun shells today. Buffered buckshot rounds for Coyote hunting. These are made by putting  .375 buckshot rounds in a Winchester 410 wad and then adding a talcum powder. As you add the powder you vibrate the load on something small like a norelco razor – just enough vibration to sift the powder in between eac round. What happens is that the powder takes up the empty space between the buckshot pellets and when the .410 shotgun is fired the pellets do not deform and hence do not fly erraticaly in flight. I will let you know how they turn out.

We have been finding alot of good deals at Cabela’s lately. These .410 Winchesters are great for your reloads – and the price is right too. Let me know if there is something you cannot find for your .410 and we will research it for you.

At $14.37 a box of 25 that is a good deal! Reload them 5 times and you really can save.

How to make .410 Pumpkin Ball Rounds

.40 caliber mini ball rounds for a pistol or a muzzle loader make ideal “Pumpkin Ball” rounds for the .410 shotgun. This is a favorite round with all our .410 shotguns because it can work in anything but a “Full Choke” bore. (To make a pumpkin ball round for a full-choke bore just substitute the .40 caliber ball for a .395 ooo buck pellet.)

Not a bad pattern for a 30 yard shot!

To make this round all you need is:

3″ BPI Primed Skived Hulls

Federal 209 Primers

12 Grains of Alliant 2400

.410 Bore stump wad

2- 1/2″ Fiber Wads

Roll crimping tool

After you have prepped your hull and installed a new primer. Fill with 8 grains of Alliant 2400 powder.

Next, place two 1/2″ Fiber wads for spacers, then a .40 caliber ball, bore stump wad, and another .40 caliber ball.

BPI .410 “Bore stump” hull and two cork wads

Finish with a roll crimp. Do not compress this round. For a 2.5″ hull simply use 1 fiber wad or a nitro card in front of the powder charge.

As with all of our rounds you are the responsible party. These recipes are for educational purposes and the end responsibility is yours when creating and firing these rounds. Starting charge is 8 grains of Alliant 2400 and work up from there. My max charge is 12 grains from a Mossberg 500 410 shotgun with a cylinder bore barrel. Do not fire from a choked shotgun barrel.

These rounds are great for Coyote, Fox, Kangaroos (So say our Aussie friends) and home invasiopn defense. Not recommended for any 410/45 type weapons, ie., Taurus Judge, Leinad, etc.
18407_Cabela's: $20 off orders of $150 or more through 11/15

Ammo Update

Wow folks! Brenneke must be feeling the crunch! They have great deals on .410 shotgun slugs @ Ammunition to go. In fact, there is great ammo – period! As always, I make no money if you click the picture and go to the .410 shotgun ammunition page at ammunition to go. Just trying to help out.

Golden Bear Slugs

Click here for Golden Bear Ammo. We make NOTHING from these sales. Smallbore exists by donations only.

Awesome 410 shotgun ammo for sale at Sportsmans guide! $66.00 a hundred! I killed a young “Spike” buck at 40 yards with one shot of this stuff three years ago from my Saiga 410 shotgun.

Donate to smallbore

410 Bond Arms Review and Ammo Test Video

This is a review and video of the Bond Arms Snake Slayer 410 shotgun and 410 shotgun ammunition that can be used for it.


I have recently come to enjoy a new resource for .410 shotguns for sale: www.Armslist.com This is a site that allows people to post their weapons and weapon related equipment by state. Unlike Gunbroker, gunsamerica, etc, this is not an auction but more like a “Flea Market for guns”. Check it out – especially if your looking to find a .410 shotgun for sale.

Reloading Questions


Smallbores 210 grain 410 shotgun slugs are as accurate as they come. 5 shots to right and low are from 25 yards. Two shots in center are same distance after sight adjustment.


We are receiving alot of traffic from our fellow small bore shooters in Australia, Greece, Africa and the UK. These are countries where .410 shotguns are used quite a bit. The biggest question of late is regarding the .41 210 grain slug load and its ability to fit through a .410 shotgun barrel.

A .41 SWC will slide through a “Cylinder Bore” .410 shotgun with no resistance to speak of and come out the other end. Remember it must be a “cylinder bore” with NO choke! Any choke will likely be destroyed if you attempt to shoot a .41 semi wad cutter size slug and or a .41 pumpkin ball round.