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Indiana Buck with a 410 SLug

A white-tailed deer

A white-tailed deer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was hunting in central Indiana and I had already taken 2 does with my .410. I had a buck tag left but I was sure that I would not be lucky enough to get one. The guys who leased the property with me said that an 8 point was roaming the property but no one had been able to get a shot at it.

My tree stand sets in a row of trees that divides 2 fields. I climbed up in my stand , unzipped the .410 from it’s case and waited.  I was scanning both fields for about 45 minutes when I saw the large, dark brown, body of a deer in the field to my left. Its head was down and it was about 30 yards away. I looked at its head and noticed it was the buck that the other guys had been talking about. It crept slowly into the tree line and I slowly brought the Marlin into a get ready shooting position. I waited for it to travel through the trees and it appeared without a sound to my right. Its head was down but its chest was behind a few shrubs so I waited for it to move. It moved 3 more feet and I had a clear, broadside shot at it’s chest. The inner circles of the crosshairs moved on it’s chest as I told myself to calm down. I squeezed the trigger and the buck jumped in the air kicking toward his chest. It ran to my right and I levered another round in the Marlin. I was going to shoot again but the buck staggered and fell 20 yards from my stand. It was the largest deer that I have ever shot with anything. If someone tells you, that you can’t kill a deer with a .410 I have killed 3. It is not a stunt and a .410 slug in the vitals is a lot more effective than a 12 gauge slug anywhere else.

Scott Mahl