Federal Slug Review

power-shokrifledslug58f6-smSo I bought a box of Federal 2.5″ slugs for my shotgun just to give them a try. It is always better to try different slugs in your shotgun so that you can find which brand flies true. These slugs are 1/4 ounce 109 grain rifled slugs that can be purchases in boxes of 15 rounds for $11.00 at most sporting goods stores – or check our affiliates by clicking the links below..
I loaded all of my gear: Shotgun, range box, target boards and some paper targets and headed for the range. When we arrived I set up shop and the boys placed our target boards at 20 yards for starters. According to the “Federal” specs on these slugs, they would be traveling 1500fps and have 500+ foot pounds of humph at this range. I always shoot a couple rounds first at these ranges to check the “Mushroom” of a round. The groups at this short distance were funny. Two within a dimes distance and a flier, two spot on and a flier. The deformation of these rounds is great, the 109 grain slug really flattens out well to the size of a penny. As we stretched out the distance to 50 yards things were promising. Even at this distance the Federal rounds held up well. Shot groups were tolerable, within 3″, and still two spot on and a flier.rifled_slug

Now we all know that the chances of rounds being deformed to the point of creating such strange shot groups is near to impossible. Therefore we concluded human error and decided to take it slow and easy, with “Sniper like” posture, breathing, trigger squeeze, etc. And what do you suppose happened? Two tight rounds, could cover with a nickel, and one flier an inch away. O’ well, I never was a Carlos Hathcock with a rifle anyway.

In all sincerity guys the Federal Slugs are a great deal for the price. I will be using them in my .410 Marlin Lever-Action soon and will post pic’s too. For the price you cannot beat them and for accuracy they will need you to test them in your gun. For all the data go to http://www.federalpremium.com/products/details/slug.aspx?id=144 and you can read the specifics.


Good shootin’


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