A place for those who enjoy the .410 bore family of Shotguns

Its Huntin’ Season Again!

Chuck and Sadie 003

Chuck and Sadie with a Rabbit that he shot with a Rossi .410

Looking for pic’s and stories from folks who hunt with a smallbore shotgun like the .410. Send your storeis and pic’s my way and you will receive full credit on this site for your work.

5 responses

  1. Caleb

    Just sighted mine in today. Trying to come up with a rear sight solution for my h&r. Shoots good but would be more consistent with a rear sight.

    November 13, 2016 at 9:12 am

  2. Depending on how much you use your H&R 410 shotgun for bird hunting you can epoxy a rail to it. If you use it for birds you can mount a single scope base yourself with a drill and proper tools. It is not difficult and the bases can be removed. The last option is to practive shooting that .410 and you should be able to shoot 3″ groups at 50 yards easily. Keep us posted as to which way you choose to go.

    November 15, 2016 at 12:04 pm

  3. Caleb

    Tagged out on 2 deer tonight with the h&r. Will send pics tomorrow.

    November 20, 2016 at 4:58 pm

  4. Caleb

    Not sure how to get the photos to you. Is there an email address I can send them too?

    November 22, 2016 at 7:34 am

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