410 Shotgun Ammunition

Remington Premier STS Target Loads... the most reliable, most reloadable shells you can shoot. Click image to enlarge... The new standard in target shooting reliability. Absolutely consistent from shot to shot. These Loads are assembled with painstaking care using only the finest components available. The result is superior performance, time after time. Plus, unmatched reloading ease and superior hull longevity make these ideal for handloaders.
Give your lightweight .410 some heavy-duty stopping power. Proven effective in the field since 1922, Super-X ammo is precision made with high-quality materials for reliable performance you can count on to provide game-dropping results. With a velocity of 1300 fps, these 000 buck, three-pellet shot shells are great for offhand takedowns of medium-sized game and furbearers. Also provides a formidable short-range defensive load for Taurus Judge revolvers. 5 per box.


bulk ammo

Stop The Threat with the perfect ammo combo for Taurus Judge revolvers. Bonded lead/copper PDX 1 .45 Colt ammo penetrates tough barriers with maximum weight retention and has six-segment jacket notching for reliable, controlled expansion. 2-1/2" PDX 1 .410 shotshells have three threat-eliminating Defense Disks. Per 20 10 PDX 1 .45 Colt rounds and 10 PDX 1 .410 Shells.
SLUG it out. Steel - cased Russian 3" Magnum 97 - gr. .410 ga. Sabot Slugs, PRICED LESS. Click image to enlarge... Whether you hunt where it's "slugs only," or you just like to punch out paper with power... here's a sweet deal from across the seas. Specifically, it's zinc-plated steel-cased Shotgun Slugs, from behind the former Iron Curtain, new production from Russia's Silver Bear . 97-grain lead saboted slug. 3" length. Muzzle Velocity: 1607 FPS 5 rds. / box. Here it is, take your best (value) shot. Order ONLINE Quick. 50 rds. 3" Mag. 97 -gr. .410 Slugs 150 rds. 3" Mag. 97 -gr. .410 Slugs 270 rds. 3" Mag. 97 -gr. .410 Slugs
Smooth - loading Golden Bear .410 2 3/4" 97 - gr. Slugs. Click images to enlarge... Russian-made steel cases with a brass coating. Non-corrosive, non-reloadable. The shell measures 2 3/4" and is for 3" chambered .410's. Will not fit 2 1/2" chambers. Order yours ONLINE now. ... Limited Quantities ... 50 rds. Golden Bear .410 3" 97-gr. Slugs 100 rds. Golden Bear .410 3" 97-gr. Slugs 270 rds. Golden Bear .410 3" 97-gr. Slugs
Winchester AA Shotshells... PRICED RIGHT. Click image to enlarge... Order ONLINE Today.

3 thoughts on “410 Shotgun Ammunition

  1. please tell me why a 410 is a shotgun and not a rifle… theres been some confusion and no one can seem to answer me!!

    1. A 410 can shoot both birdshot and slugs so it canb be a rifle and a shotgun at the same time. The difference between a “Rifle” and a “shotgun” is that rifles have “Rifling” which imparts a “spin” to the projectile and causing great accuracy over longer distances. Shotguns are “Smoothbore” and therefore are not as accurate over longer distances. At close range, a .410 is lethal, say to 30 yards or so. Does this help?

  2. Yes,very helpful. I was concerned with the effective range of the rifled slug in my 410 Serena, BRESCIA – ITALY, AND ALSO IF I WAS ABLE TO USE 45 CAL. IN IT AS WELL?

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