Silver Bear 410 Ammo

SLUG it out. Steel – cased Russian 3″ Magnum 97 – gr. .410 ga. Sabot
Slugs, PRICED LESS. Click image to enlarge… Whether you hunt where it’s “slugs
only,” or you just like to punch out paper with power… here’s a sweet deal
from across the seas. Specifically, it’s zinc-plated steel-cased Shotgun Slugs,
from behind the former Iron Curtain, new production from Russia’s Silver Bear .
97-grain lead saboted slug. 3″ length. Muzzle Velocity: 1607 FPS 5 rds. / box.
Here it is, take your best (value) shot. Order ONLINE Quick. 50 rds. 3″ Mag. 97
-gr. .410 Slugs 150 rds. 3″ Mag. 97 -gr. .410 Slugs 270 rds. 3″ Mag. 97 -gr.
.410 Slugs WARNING: You must be 18 or older to purchase Ammunition. We do not
accept returns of Ammunition for safety reasons. NEVER use any Ammunition unless
it is specifically designed for your firearm. WARNING

Click here for Silver Bear 410 Ammo

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