A place for those who enjoy the .410 bore family of Shotguns



Remington Model 812 .410 Shotgun Review

Great Video by “GunTalkTV” on the Mossberg HS .410 Pump


Safir .410 Shotgun

An absolutely awesome Safir 410 configuration.

Ladies Saiga

Here is a customized Saiga 410 shotgun for the ladies – check it out!

410 Skeet Shooting

I enjoy the 410 bore family of shotguns but have never shot skeet. If you are interested, here is a great video resource for 410 shotgun skeet shooting.

Taurus 410/45 Public Defender Review

The Taurus Judge 45/410 pistol really took the .410 shotgun world by storm. Here we have a video review of the “Public Defender” using OOO Buckshot. Not my favorite .410 buck round, but a good video overall.

410 Bond Arms Review and Ammo Test Video

This is a review and video of the Bond Arms Snake Slayer 410 shotgun and 410 shotgun ammunition that can be used for it.

The Theory behind our 410 Shotgun Slugs

This video answers some questions regarding our 410 shotgun slugs.

Safir T-14 .410 shotgun Review

Found a great review on the Safir T-14 Shotgun. Be sure to subscribe to “Gunblasts” vid’s and visit their website @ www.gunblast.com

The Marlin .410 – One Fun Gun!

This just came in from a fellow .410er who loves his Marlin…any other guys out there with a favorite .410?

My marlin 410 is a fun gun it may be small but it packs one hell of a punch , like all the other guys said my mates laughed at me also calling it a girls gun ,that is untill they fired it now they want one , but unlucky for them cause marlin stopped making them back in #03 and there’s only 4 left in the state so im told…i’ve posted a video up on youtube of me shooting for the first time if any of you guys wanna check it out should be the first clip that comes up under ( marlin 410 ).