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The Marlin .410 – One Fun Gun!

This just came in from a fellow .410er who loves his Marlin…any other guys out there with a favorite .410?

My marlin 410 is a fun gun it may be small but it packs one hell of a punch , like all the other guys said my mates laughed at me also calling it a girls gun ,that is untill they fired it now they want one , but unlucky for them cause marlin stopped making them back in #03 and there’s only 4 left in the state so im told…i’ve posted a video up on youtube of me shooting for the first time if any of you guys wanna check it out should be the first clip that comes up under ( marlin 410 ).


2 responses

    • Brent MacArthur Charles

      Cabela’s does carry the .410 Marlin Shotguns. Can these be shipped to an ffl?

      April 4, 2011 at 7:15 am

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