Roos and Bunnies

Bunnies and Roos...

Hi guys had another evening away in the bush with the Wife an mate and a bunch of unlucky critters got up to the farm about 2ish setup camp had a drink and decides how we were going to do this as a Discovery is not the best for shooting out of but better than walking as we have 4500 acres to cover. Normally on the way in we see some signs of life but this time nothing.We headed down to the bottom paddock just on sun set for a look around nothing in the top corner and on getting to the bottom of that fence line 2 bunnies ran out of the grass under the fence and into the scrub. No chance they were too far off we stopped adjusted the lights so they covered a larger area and we headed of on foot with the car behind. We had a bit of success but seemed to be disturbing them before we got in range the .410 was of no use and the 12g not much better. so we decided that we would sit on the front of the car feet resting on the bull bar .410 on the right covering the field and the 12g on the left the fence go’s about 2km maybe 3 and after 1 slow pass up we had 7 bunnies on the wire. we had a rest for a bit before turning around I got out the .22 which has a 6 inch “power beam” light mounted on it I could see the little buggers out at about 100m but only had 10 or 15 shots before the plug gave up and left me with a nice little burn we drove back along the fence line about half way and there was a mad rush bunnies every where we each got off a bunch of shots the 12g hit 4 and 3 on the .410 unfortunately the 12g hit 2 with some OOsg and they weren’t worth having. We ended up going for a bit of a drive around to see what else we could find and stumbled across some roos but once again were to far away. We headed back up the fence line with only one more each giving us a tally for the evening of 14. 8 to the 12g and 6 to the .410. as we headed for the gate the wife spoted something a few hundred meters away a Skippy “go” “go” she planted the pedal to the floor as i fumbled to get some slugs in the tube we hurtled across the paddock towards it as it bounded off into the distance the 12g let of 2 shots the roo didn’t falter but now we were between it and the fence it changed direction to go behind and i was on the wrong side for a shot she hit the brakes and i jumped out it took a few shots to hit him but when the slug found its mark he stopped dead. We hooked him onto the back of the car and headed back to the camp with my mate sitting on the roof rack so he had good 360 visibility. about halfway back and reasonably happy with our score for 3 hours a big western grey bounced out in front of us and again the 12g let fly at about 50m the number 4 shot is not up to the hide of a roo but it certainly stunned it and allowed me to once again send a couple of slugs to him. We tried to hang him on the back but we couldn’t lift the bugger that high. This trip the .410 didn’t really out shoot the 12g but we would have been down on meat if we had used anything else.

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