Used Shotguns for Sale


Rossi line-upSwap and sell .410 shotguns here! Buying .410 shotguns is a “hit or miss” proposition when it comes to pricing. Some guys ask too little and some ask way too much! Remember to be patient and wait for the right 410 shotgun at the right price.

I have noticed thru the years that many folks have left contact information of .410 shotguns for trade and .410 shotguns for sale in the “comments”. Therefore I am opening up this section of smallbore as a “swap and sell .410 shotguns, parts and accessories page.”

I do not make money on anything you advertise. It is your responsibility to know the laws of your state as well as the FFL laws governing the sale of .410 shotguns. That being said – here is how it will work:

  1. Tell us about the .410 shotgun you want to buy or trade.
  2. Send me at least one picture to post. Pictures sell .410 shotguns.
  3. Send ad and pic’s to:
  4. I will post the ad and it is your responsibility to let me know when it has sold
  5.  Its that easy…


20 thoughts on “Used Shotguns for Sale

  1. Used 410 1100 wanted

  2. hello mat i have a webley & scott single barrel bolt actoin for sale

  3. hello mat i have a webley & scott single barrel bolt action for sale

    1. Do you have a 410 W & S for sale and if so please call me, Merv, 416 445 6935


    1. Jerry,
      I suggest, or for used firearms.
      Thanks for writing,

  5. i;d like to buy ithaca side by side 410 call 859 707 8633 ask for tommy

  6. want to buy a older model 410 double barrel hammer shotgun. Maybe a crescent, new york gun co. or ect. call 606 862 1541 Dan

  7. Darrell woodard April 15, 2012 — 7:25 am

    looking for a 410 ,single shot,,, break down, i am a canadian, wondaring the prices, want to take my grand son hunting, whats your permits and laws.

  8. looking for a 410 3″ auto loader. Not to choosy on make. Bob 845-482-5452

  9. I have a single shot like new to trade or sell.Bob

    1. How much,what make. And where you located.

  10. I have a Citori .410 for sale. Made in 1979. Very good condition 26 in.
    Grade 1 . was used for skeet.

    reloading equipment too and vintage leg-o-mutton case.

    1. william l terry March 19, 2021 — 7:01 am

      what are you asking for it

  11. Looking for cheap .410, one I can use and take care of but not feel bad to use as a boat paddle

  12. Looking for a 410 pump, lever action shot gun, in fair condition, or a 22 long rifle in semi, lever Or pump action. Must be fair price, Brand. Winchester, Mosburg or a Marlin.

  13. I’m 62 and have moved into the country with wild animals including vipers and wildcats etc. Yesterday I killed a huge copperhead that slithered over my grandsons foot. Scary. Being an older woman I enjoy the feel of the 410 yet my husband is disabled and our income is low. Therefore needing a smaller and less expensive 410 pump..3 shells per pump… (that’s what I had borrowed earlier and happened to have when the snake incident came) is what I’m looking for. Dependable but as inexpensive as I can find. Thank you.

    PS… I’m not real computer savy so if it gets too complicated to hunt for I don’t know if I can do it.

  14. How much,what make. And where you located.

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