.410 Shotgun Slugs

This video explains the theory behind our heavier 410 shotgun slugs.

Up next is my recipe for the .410 slugs I make. Please do not altar these recipes. This recipe is based on information from the third edition Lyman Shotshell book. My slugs weigh the same as a load of #9 shot in a Winchester AA Wad. The slugs and wads weigh 210 grains combined. Please do not attempt to shoot the 210 Grain .410 slug from a choked barrel.

I make no money from the sale of products listed below unless you want me to make you some slugs.

Click here for: HULLS

Click here for: BASE COLUMN WADS

Click here for: 1/2″ FIBER WADS

And for 158 grain – 210 grain .410 shotgun slugs: E-mail me: smallboreshotgun@gmail.com and I will send you a pricelist.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for orders to be filled.

38 thoughts on “.410 Shotgun Slugs

  1. There’s no information here.. the links are dead and the slug data ..or lack of.. is merely a sales gimmick thing ???

    1. Not sure what is wrong. Not selling anything, unless you want some .41 magnum SWC slugs!? The links are for you to get what you need to make the rounds – I get NOTHING from the suppliers! As for the video info – if you cannot recreate this round with the info given I cannot help ya. My Beret is Maroon though, maybe that is the difference.

      1. ah… maroon… isn’t that the 82nd now ? Once all the different colors showed up I lost track… 🙂 If the info’s in the video that explains everything, I’m WAY out in the sticks, stuck with dial-up and that means no videos… but thanks for responding, I’m new to .410s so it’s nice to find a place to learn more about them from people that understand them and have experience with them..

      2. I think it should be good now. Don’t know what was wrong. So I guess your beret was another color? Hah, Green no doubt! Had a great time in Panama with some guys from one of your units, 7th I think, have had some good bud’s through the years with 10th, 11th and 5th, anyhow, great guys. If the link does’nt work tonight let me know and I will send you to the “youTube” link directly.

      3. I had no problem with the links …

    2. Hey I am ex Army guy. I use Eagle Claw 1/4 ounce egg weights to out into my 410 2.5″ shells!!! I use 2 if putting into shotgun and 3 for my Taurus pistol. Guaranteed to stop anything at 1300 feet per second!!!

  2. Never made it to Panama.. in my day jungle training was sort of an “on the job” thing.. but the 82nd and SF were both at Bragg back then so Saturday nights in Fayetteville got interesting.
    The links and video worked fine this time, looks like an interesting load, it’s nice to be able to get this sort of info… do you know if it’d cycle a Saiga ? Also, have you played with flechettes in the .410 ? I think when I get smarter I might work on that, have a few pounds of them someplace around here.

    1. PS – Irony of Ironies, first time I was ever shot at was in “Fayette-nam”! Saturday nights were wild to say the least. Glad the guy was a poor shot!

      1. Any special loade for the judge

      2. No, I have yet to purchase one, but it is on my list. What about you? Do you own a judge? If so, would you be willing to send in a review with a few pics to share?
        Thanks for stopping by

  3. Where can I get the bullets you used?

    1. I can make you some. They are $25.00 a hundred plus shipping of $5.95 it will take 2 weeks for delivery at present.

  4. Awesome!!!!!!!! I may have to take you up on that offer. Thanks.

    1. I don’t reload for shotguns but my best friend does. I reload for pistol and rifle, mold my own bullets. Anyway we have been reloading slugs for shotguns, I have a Lyman 410 slug mold that makes a 138 grain slug. I know it’s hard to find slugs to reload, if interested I maybe able to help you aot.

  5. I really appreciate you sharing this information with the public. This looks like a great load. I have a S&W Governor (.410) and a Marlin 1895 in .410 These two guns use a 2-1/2″ shell. I noticed that your load is for a 3″ shell. Will this load work for a 2-1/2″ shell? (using 1-1/2 of the fiber wads). Second question, do you see any issues with shooting this load in the Governor?
    Thank you for you time and efforts.

    1. Mike,
      All of our rounds can be fired in the 2.5″ .410 hull…just change the wad height. I will need to research the Governor as I am not familiar with it. Will get back to you soon.

  6. Your welcome Mike. I spent years trying to find this stuff for the .410 shotgun…not much out there so here we are. Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Anyone tried these in a NEF 45/410 with the rifled barrel?

    1. Hi Eddie,
      These slugs would not work as they are .410 in Diameter while a 45 Colt slug can run .451-.452 in the Taurus. This is a .040 difference in size and so the .410 slugs could not catch the rifling. They would work – but not with any degree of accuracy.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  8. Brent,
    We have not talked before but I have watched the two videos and read throught the other comments about the .410 slug load you came up with. I would like to try your slug in a new Marlin lever action that I purchased a few weeks ago from Cabela’s. I’m not a stranger to guns as I have owned and shot many but this is my first .410 and will be my first attempt to load shotshells. I bought the pre primed hulls, felt wads, collumn wads and powder shown in the video but could not find the exact wad cutter that you used. The closest thing I found was a 215gr, .41 Keith style SWC.
    The package states that the wad cutter is sized to .411. I’ve tried to fit a few into the end of the barrel and they seem to fit well without problem. It is a close fit but the SWC slides easily with the touch of a finger. My question is will it be necessary to weigh each wad cutter and remove material from the trailing end to get the weight down it down to 210gr. The gun is chambered for 2.5″ shells only so I will be using 1 felt wad, 1 collumn wad and the SWC.

  9. Hi Ron,
    Good question! I can work up some .41 SWC for you if you like. You pay the cost of shipping and a few shekels for the lead. Depending on the alloy used these can drop between 205-215 in grains, hence if a company uses Lyman #2 alloy they may drop 208-212 or higher.
    You should be ok. Having said that be sure to start around 8 grains of powder and work up. These loads do not fly as true and accurate when you approach the top of the powder level, ie., 14 grains or more. Pressures will be OK but accuracy suffers.
    You can also use .40/10mm 175 grain SWC instead of the 210’s. They are accurate and the base column wad stabilizes the smaller diameter slug well.
    When you are up and running send us some pics and we will do a little story for the .410 smallbore family.
    Best regards,

  10. Thanks Brent. I’ll let you know how it works out.

  11. You should make a note that people should slug their barrel first. My mossberg measures in right at .410-.411 so the slugs pass through with light hand pressure but my saiga 410 on the other hand slugged out at .404-.405 and I couldn’t get a .410 bullet down it with a hammer so the bullets must be swaged first. Working on a slug load now. Tried 20g of Lil’Gun which gave me 4/5 shots cloverleafed at 25 yards with one flyer about an inch away with a velocity of 1600 fps. The flyer looked like a sideways hole so I suspect wad failure or separation. Gonna back down to 18g of Lil’Gun which should still yield almost 1500 fps to see if that eliminates the flyers. The new BPI small bore manual also listed a hyper velocity pumpkin ball load with the same bx-41 base wad using 44g of Lil’Gun (yes that’s correct) in a 3″ cheddite hull and a single 000 buck pellet and a single nitrocard over the ball with a regular fold crimp. I used nickel plated buck. Velocity is listed at 2800 fps. Grouped about 1.5 to 2 inches at 25 yards out of my saiga. Word of warning, be ready for a 3 foot flame and more muzzle blast than a short barreled 300 mag. They’re brutal

    1. Tell us more about your slugs loads. That BPI slug looks like a killer!!!

  12. I’ve been playing with the same slug idea, only using a Lee TL410-210SWC for my Rossi RioGrande. They aren’t bevel based though. How much difference in flight is there between running the keiths with the nose in the cup vs filling the cup with buffer and running them point first?

  13. Loaded as per instruction with the components listed and fired rounds in a Mossberg home defense with true 410 bore. At 25 yards did not have a round hole in the target. All hit with some degree of yaw. The good news is that all were within a six inch group. Pretty good for close range self defense but for hunting?, not so much. I’ll stick to my tried and true load of three stacked 410 caliber round balls.

  14. Finally got around to shooting a few rounds of the slugs that I loaded according to the video last winter. All seemed accurate at 25 yards. I loaded two groups of shells, one with 8 grains of powder and the other with 9 grains. The 8 grain shells left round holes while the 9 grain slug loads showed some yaw. This was through a Marlin 1895.
    I checked the shell casings after firing and saw no damage to the brass or plastic tubes which makes me want to try a few loaded with 10 grains however I will need to remove some wadding to make it fit in to a 2.5 inch case. I expect the yaw to increase but I want to see how accurate the loads will be at 40 yards. I would also like to try the .410 caliber round ball loads but I will be limited to the 2.5 inch shell so I’m not sure if it is possible to use 3 balls.

    1. Hi Ron,
      They will continue to “keyhole” with higher velocity unless the wad stays with the round like a vein for an arrow. Try a dab of super glue to hold the wad in place and do NOT go for the 10 grains. Stay at 8 and then work your way up from there. I have found the greatest accuracy at around 900-1000 fps. with the wads staying attached. Let me know how it goes. And send along some pic’s of your progress so we can post them.

  15. I will follow your advise and glue the wad to the semi wad cutter and stay at 8 grains.
    We had fun shooting the .410 slug loads. My son was with me and this was his first experience with a .410 and he agreed it was a lot more fun to shoot than the high powered rifles we normally use.

  16. The Lyman 1967 reloading manual had a 238 grain 410 slug mold
    they used for the 2.5” shell 20 to 25 grains of I believe 4227 powder *not shur about the powder type, plus a .135 paper wad to cover powder and 3-3/16 felt wads and then the slug. this load produced 1200 to 1500 fps loads..*** check 1967 manual to verify.

    1. the 238 weight is the infamous typo of time that never got corrected for years ( likely due to lack of sales of the mold) prior to the mold being dropped from production. correct weight is 138gr

  17. Hi, I am enjoying and learning allot from your videos. In the second video, did the slug go in backwards? I’m new to reloading but it appeared to me that it was not in correctly. Please enlighten me. I have a Izhmash ~ Saiga 410 ~ Semi-Auto Shotgun that I want to start reloading shells for and I want to things correctly the 1st time. Thank you for your reply and your patience with me 🙂

    1. Heah Dwayne!
      Thanks for stopping by…yes, the semi-wadcutters are loaded backwards to fit into the 410 brush wads.

  18. I
    ‘ thinking of building a 410 slug gun. Remington 700 with .416 rifled barrel. Do you have experience with a creature like this?

  19. Stefan Bergmann July 29, 2022 — 12:50 am

    Hello, New to .410 reloading. The second video is not showing.

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