Slug and Slug Casting Supplies

Make sure you order .40, or .41 cast bullets under 200 grains for our slug recipes.

The .40, .41 Semi-wadcutters are great for making our “Super Slugs”. These bullets are made of a superior alloy, consisting of silver and other precious metals which makes it more elastic and distortion-free. Harder than
most other cast bullets, Laser-Cast bullets don’t leave heavy deposits in the
barrel that can shorten barrel life. Per 500.

Click here for the "Cast Master"

This kit has everything you need. The 10-lb. capacity Mini-Mag Electric
Furnace can melt enough alloy to turn out plenty of top-quality bullets. Kit
includes the #4500 Bullet Sizer/Lubricator. Simply add top punch and sizing die
and the 4500 will smoothly size down your bullet to the correct diameter as it
applies Alox lubricant, which is also included. You also get a long-handled
casting dipper, handy ingot mold and the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. Made in






With a capacity of more than 10 lbs. and a fast heat-up time, this casting

The Best Deal for the beginning Bullet Caster!

furnace can help you cast more bullets in less time. It’s compact with a wide
mouth for easy ladling. Heavy-duty aluminum construction with a stable, no-tip
design. Thermostat controlled to within 10 F.

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