10 thoughts on “Saiga .410 Shotgun Review

  1. Typical White Person March 25, 2009 — 3:44 pm

    I have a Saiga .410 and absolutely love it. The farthest range I have shot it at is 70 yards, and it prints fair groups with Silver Bear slugs and open sights. I am planning on getting a side rail scope mount for it, one that has a top rail for a scope and a side rail for a light. Instead of a scope, i plan on getting one of the reflex sights that has 4 settings: red dot, red dot crosshair, crosshair, and 65 m.o.a. circle with dot in the middle. I fogure the crosshair will be great for slugs and the circle with dot in middle will be great for shooting at quail, dove, etc.

    My .410 also throws a pretty good pattern with S&B 00 buck (five pellets) Unfortunately, my gun came with no chokes, only the thread protector, so while it is great for shooting slugs, birdhsot patterns pretty badly. I need to get a full choke for it and I am sure that will make the birdshot pattern much better.

    I just got a Pro-Mag 15 round mag for it as well, Fun to light off a few rounds and makes the gun look mean.

    1. Could you send along some pic’s and a review for the post? I would greatly appreciate that. The Saiga .410 is a great weapon – good deer gun too. I will be posting an awesome reload recipe soon that I designed specifically for the Saiga .410. Thanks for visiting the site.

  2. be warrie of woog stocks for teh saiga series. they were sold through CDNN ayears ago with a fake wood stock (plastic painted to look sort of like wood)

  3. I just purchased a 1917 replica trench gun and was thinking of getting a Saiga 410..what kind of range do u get with the OOO buck?..from the previous review I see he said he needed a choke…whats recommended on that..Im totally new to small bore shotguns ..have had a few 12 gauges semi and pump..these 410’s are lightweight (plastic) I presume?

    1. Good question! My Saiga has a cylinder bore, ie., no choke and I recommend it. The range for OOO Buck is a 12″ pattern @ 15-20 yards. With my .40 reloads it is 2 pellets and a 2″ group at 40 yards. The Silver Bear #4 Buck is incredible at 30-40 yards and their slugs are great to 75 yards.
      To purchase a Saiga with a choke is good but remember that once you begin using different chokes and patterns it is hard to keep track of what pattern throws what round the best. This can be crucial in a hunting or self-defense moade.


    1. Brent MacArthur Charles February 26, 2011 — 7:11 am

      I agree Jack,
      Can you forward some pictures of yours?

  5. I LOVE MY SAIGA!!!!!!

  6. does anyone know if the saiga .410 can acept 2 1/2 inch shells also?

    1. It can: 2.5″, 2.75″ and 3″ slugs can all be used – I have used them. For best results, stick to the 2.75″-3″ .410 range family of shotshells.
      Thanks for stopping by,

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