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Has Anyone Purchased a Safir T-14 yet?

We sure would like to hear an honest review of the Safir T-14 from one of our fellow smallbore shooters. If you have a Safir T-14 .410, or know someone who does, encourage them to drop us a line here at smallbore.



Marlin .410 Shotgun Sale

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You can still buy the Marlin 410 from Cabelas. A fun firearm for small game, varmints, pest control – DEER! Patterned after Marlin’s exceptional 1895 rifle, this .410 bore lever-action shotgun sports a 22″ blued barrel, a handsome walnut stock and a tubular magazine. It fires a 2.5″ round only. We have tested this 410 Marlin shotgun with buckshot, pumpkin balls and slugs: Slugs and pumpkin balls are best. As for birdshot, it is a cylinder bore and therefore your patter is dispersed quickly. You could kill small game effectively to 20 yards with special handloads.

New England SB 410

Click here for the NEF Pardner

OK folks, this is a “Real Deal” here. The NEF Pardner in .410 for $130.00 and “Free Shipping” too! This is a real deal from “Buds Gunshop”.

410 Skeet Shooting

I enjoy the 410 bore family of shotguns but have never shot skeet. If you are interested, here is a great video resource for 410 shotgun skeet shooting.

New NEF 410 Shotgun for sale

H&R Topper .410
H&R Topper .410

In Stock New England Topper Jr. for $150.00 Just click the image to see all the details.

Mossberg 500 in .410

My ultimate fun gun!

My Newest addition to the smallbore collection!
My Newest addition to the smallbore collection!


I could not believe what I was seeing. A Mossberg 500 .410 shotgun for sale – cheap too! So I picked it up. Nice little firearm. Black synthetic furniture, ventilated 24″ full-choke barrel. Shoots up to 3″ ammo – perfect for what I wanted.  

The first thing I noticed was the sloppy pump-action. Not as tight as an 870, but serviceable. So I threw some Brenneke 3″ slugs in just to check the grouping I could get at 40 yards (My max range for deer with the .410).  

2″ group at 30 yards aint bad! High and to the right using the standard plane of sight. So I took her home and installed a TASCO PRO-POINT RED-DOT with zero magnification. I also worked up a handful of 148 grain slugs I use for hunting. A 3″ BPI Hull, 209 primer, 11 grains of Red-Dot with Winchester wad cut down to serve as a sabot (my slugs are .358 dia.) and topped with a very nice roll-crimp if I do say so myself. This is a better .410 deer load than the pumpkin ball rounds I load for self defense and Coyotes.  

So I am off to the range (sandpit) to test ‘um out – will post some pic’s tomorrow.
Free Shipping

The Safir T-14 Shotgun

ATI American Tactical Imports T-14 AR 15  .410ga




Type: semi-automatic
Gauge: .410 (36), 65 mm (2 1/2″) chamber
Length: 960 mm (860mm for collapsible butt “S” models)
Barrel length: 510 mm (also 320 mm or 610 mm)
Weight 2.6 – 2.7 kg
Capacity: 9, 10 or 15 rounds in detachable box magazine

The T-14 was developed by the Turkish company Safir Arms. It is based on the famous Ar15/M16 assault rifle. At the present time it is offered in only one caliber, .410×65 (also known as 36 gauge, 2 /12 inch chamber). With .410 caliber bullet weighting 7.5 gram (116 grains) the manufacturer claims muzzle velocities in the range of 2,290 fps., providing muzzle energies of about 1,320 ft-lbs. The T-14 shotgun is semi-automatic only and is available in different barrel lengths to make it legal for civilian use in various countries that permit its citizens to own shotguns.

The T-14 shotgun is a gas operated weapon with a rotary bolt locking system. The gas system utilizes a annual (ring-type) short-stroke gas piston, located around the barrel. For maintenance and cleaning, the gas piston can be removed from the barrel after removing the front sight with its base. The bolt group externally resembles the AR-15 bolt, but has a redesigned bolt head with three radial lugs and an ejector, optimized for rimmed shotgun shells. The receiver is similar in design to Ar-15 rifles. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and consists of two parts (upper and lower), connected by two cross-pins. The trigger unit and manual safety also resemble some units of the Ar-15 rifle. T-14 shotguns are produced either with integral, M16A2-type carrying handle and rear sight block, or with M16A3-type flat-top receiver with Picatinny rail. The furniture is made of plastic, and buttstocks are available either in fixed or telescoped (M4-type) varieties. Detachable box magazines are specially designed for rimmed shotgun ammunition.

 Watch the Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buZLlYOpqQ4