New England SB 410

Click here for the NEF Pardner

OK folks, this is a “Real Deal” here. The NEF Pardner in .410 for $130.00 and “Free Shipping” too! This is a real deal from “Buds Gunshop”.

4 thoughts on “New England SB 410

  1. I have a .410 pardner NEF. What I am looking for is a slug barrel to fit it or buy a .410 slug gun. Does anyone make one?

    1. There is one company that makes a rifled slug barrel for the Thompson Contender. Your NEF 410 shotgun will shoot just fine with the right re-loads. What do you want to do with it?

  2. Hello gentlemen! I have a question maybe you can answer. Is it possible to fire a 45 cal. round through a rifled 410 shotgun barrel?

    1. Hi Kenny,
      No it is not and that is where these 45/410 pistols and rifles cause confusion. In a Pistol like the Taurus Judge a 45 Colt is your slug. A .41 410 shotgun slug, the largest I cast in 210 grains, would just barely engage the rifling @ .415. the largest diameter I know of for a .410 bore. Your typical .45 is actually .451-.453 and hence a big problem. It may fir in the chamber but once fired would be devastating.
      Hope that helps,

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