410 Shotguns for Sale – A tutorial

Buy a good Shotgun gentlemen!

Looking for 410 shotgun ammo?  Click Here.

Buyer beware! Not all .410s are the same and more often than not you are buying this shotgun for a youngster. Here is a list of things to consider before I tell you where the deals are:

Choke – what is your goal with this .410? Do not try to shoot standard slugs from a full-choke barrel unless the manufacturer indicates that it is safe to do so. Buckshot as well does not fly well from most .410 shotguns I have used that are fully choked. If all you will use is bird-shot a full-choke is OK on small game but NOT small birds like quail, woodcock, doves… Try for a Modified or even a cylinder bore model.

Action – Make sure when buying a used shotgun that you pay attention to it’s action. Head-space on used .410s can get sketchy. Bolt-actions and break-opens are susceptible especially as it takes great care to maintain these type actions, while most Auto-loaders, pumps, and lever actions seem to take the abuse better. I once had a .410 183K blow out the side from poor head-space, and that was after shooting it all morning with no issues.

LOP – Length of pull makes all the difference in the world – even with youngsters. Try watching a young person mount that new shotgun on Christmas morning if it is too long for them. Best to go with a shorter youth model, or full size shotgun having adjustable LOP than to have a gun that does not fit! Better idea still. Take your youngster with you to try a few guns at the shop before you commit to a purchase. This will heighten their curiosity and expectancy (thus making it easier to convince the wife why the twins “Suzy and Janey” really need a pair of O/Us for their tenth Christmas), not to mention you guiding them in the shop about safety etiquette. If you must buy from a private sale or cannot take lil’ Johnny along. Have him/her use a play gun and measure their LOP! In the end it will all be worth it.

Lastly, the reason you came here: “To Buy a .410”

I do not have any for sale at this time, but I know who does, and I will send you there shortly. First though a bit of advice:

Do your research – This way you will know what you can spend vs. what a shotgun is worth

Bid ONCE! – This way you cannot get caught up in the “Bidding” wars!

Be patient – I bought a Saiga .410 for $210.00, and a Marlin.410 for $550.00, well below what others were paying at the time

Remember shipping and FFL fees! – These should not exceed $25.00 for either unless you live on an Island or something that is hard to get to. Some guys are now charging $30.00! Nuts, talk them down or offer to pay ONLY the actual shipping costs.

Use a Credit Card if possible! – It is harder to be scammed when there is such a paper trail…

Check the sellers feedback!!!!!!!! – Numbers speak louder than words… and Have fun!

Now for the websites:





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