Silver Bear Slug Review

silver-bear-410Have been shooting Silver Bear 97-grain lead saboted slugs for several months now. They are definately a “Hot” round for the 410. I shot a buck on opening day with a Silver Bear slug. The round entered high on the left front shoulder making a SMALLISH ENTRY hole, proceeded through the shoulder blade, into the liver, and stopped just under the skin on the right shoulder w/o damaging so much as three tablespoons of meat.

When I approached the deer he tried to rise so I shot him again in the neck – he did’nt move then. My partner pointed out that the first round would have done him in for sure HAD I WAITED! But I was excited that I had downed that buck with my 410 Saiga. My future hunts will not end this way as I will trust a well placed shot better.

As for the round – a PERFECT MUSHROOMED ROUND! Perfect!!!! The size of a nickel with NO fragmentation at all. Wonderful slug.


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