Why should I own a 410 shotgun?

Nice 10 Point!
Nice .410 Buck!

The 410 shotgun is by far the most versatile of the smallbore shotguns. Especially as concerns the taking of wildgame. I have despatched everything from Squirrels to deer with the .410, and my hunting life will never be the same because of it. The 410 is often maligned because of it’s diminutive size, but consider this photo. Not convinced, follow this link to the story: http://mcb-homis.com/deer9410b/deer9410b.htm

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12 thoughts on “Why should I own a 410 shotgun?

  1. Hello, I would like to know how a 410 compares to the standard 10, 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. Like shell size, vorticity, pattern and range. Also, do you know a gunsmith that I can work with that can make a model similar to the 1800’s Navy LaMat?

    1. Heah James, sorry it took so long. Please go to http://www.chuckhawks.com/410bore.htm and peruse his site. Though I disagree with his overall assessment of the .410 – he is nonetheless quite thorough in his research.

  2. Hi,
    Can I shoot 2 1/2″ shells in a mossberg 183 DA bolt action .410 that is marked 3″ shells?

    1. Brent MacArthur Charles April 2, 2011 — 11:43 am

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes you can shoot 2.5″ to 3″ shells. I have found the 2.5″ shells chamber better in my Mossberg 183K. If you reload, 2.75″ shells are great also. What type round will you be shooting the most?

  3. Mostly I will be shooting 3″ high brass field loads in 6 and 7 1/2 shot sizes. I am going to chase some rabbits this next winter and possibly some grouse. I haven’t used a .410 since I was a young lad. Used to use my uncles model 42 Win. for quail, squirrels and rabbits. The 183-DA I have was given to me for some work I did on an old model 8 Rem.
    The stock on the shotgun had been cut for a youth so after trying but not succeeding in finding a replacement I cutt and fitted an old butt stock to it. It looks pretty good and is fully functional.

  4. knew a lady who hunted moose with a 410 bore for a lot of years and never failed to score but she was the best stalker i ever knew it proves that the 410 bore is a good gun when used right regard huntsalone

    1. Moose, no doubt. Most likely she had some heavier slugs. Lyman had a mold for 135 grainers I think…anyway, even a 97 grain round @ 1700fps thru the heart will kill anything.

  5. Grew up shooting a .410 over/under and loved it. Killed lots of small game with it and was even proficient at clay pigeons with it. Very fun gun. I have to assume you used slugs for the deer. I have often wondered if people ever used .410 slugs for deer hunting. It always seemed to me they would be perfectly capable at reasonable distances. I no longer own a shotgun and want to get one. Would love to get a .410 pump, but I’m thinking I should get something more useful all around. There is not much on earth you can’t kill with a 12 gauge, so I will likely go with that, but I have always been fascinated with the smaller bore shotguns – .410’s, 28’s and kind of liked 16’s because they are untypical. My deer hunting gun was a 20 gauge pump, back when I hunted. For some reason, I just never liked the 20 gauge. I’m not even sure, do they still sell 28’s and 16’s? My best, doug

  6. Me again. Question, how does a .410 slug compare to, say, a 44 mag or any other higher powered handgun cartridge in terms of energy? And I have to say, whodda thunk there’d be a website dedicated to the .410? Very cool to find. doug

    1. Hi Doug,
      Yeah the .410 shotgun has been rated as “Diminutive” by many and yet is capable of similar ballistics as a .41 Magnum. I load slugs that range from148-210 grains and group in 3″-4″ @ 30 yards. That is deer killing distance here in New England. As for the comparison to the .44 Mag:
      Hornady Ammo
      Round Type Weight Muzzle Energy ft/lbs. Muzzle Velocity ft/sec.
      44 Mag HP XTP 180 960 1550
      44 Mag HP XTP 240 971 1350

      Winchester Ammunition Ballistics
      Round Type Weight Muzzle Energy ft/lbs. Muzzle Velocity ft/sec.
      41 Mag FMJ + P 240 833 1250
      41 Mag STHP 175 607 1250

      You can see here that the .44 mag beats .41 hands down. Unless someone has a hot Cast Bullet Load for the .41 Magnum you will ding this is the standard.
      Thanks for stopping by and be sure to “Subscribe” so you can receive updates.

      1. Thanks for the info Brent. My best, doug

  7. Why should I own a .410 shotgun? Well, I am a Survivalist. There ani’t going to be any big game to to shoot, and if you have to shoot small birds and such with a 12ga or so there won’t be much left to eat. I was not even going to consiter a shotgun until I got my wife a Judge and she menstioned that my father left me some shot (100lbs) so I did the math, and the .410 came out the winner.

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