Tristans first Deer!

Good shootin' Tristan
Good shootin’ Tristan
Went to visit my dad on father’s day and spent some time with my brothers and their families. My sister-in-law had some pictures she passed around of Tristan’s first deer. No he did’nt shoot it with a smallbore shotgun – but a real nice .280 Rem.! The Doe weighed 143 pds.
Tristan was hunting with his dad in the early evening. As they were walking into their stand three does popped up to take a look at who was coming their way.  At first Tristan could’nt see her very well until she stepped out of the brush onto a logging road. He explains the story like this…
Dad asked me, “Do you see her, do you see her?”  
“Yup” tristan said.
Then Dad started coaching me…”OK breathe, breathe, bre…”  and boomm I let her fly on the third breathe and down she went!
Tristan has also shot a squirrel with his .410 Rossi and a Turkey  with his 20ga. He says that huntin’ deer is the best though.
For all you kid’s out there who want to try hunting Tristan says “it’s fun and entertaining – but you have to be patient.”
Well said Tristan.

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