A place for those who enjoy the .410 bore family of Shotguns

The prices are stabilizing!!!

Nice wood!410. shotgun prices are finally stabilizing after the Obama scare. There was a mass rush on weapons and ammo for the past 10 months. But now you can purchase the Mossberg Pump shotguns for sale at $300.00 again. Also the Saiga semi-autos are now for sale in the $300.00 price range too!

As far as ammo goes: my ffl called a week ago to say that he is able to stock ammo again and just received a supply of the Silver Bear slugs from Barnaul. These are hot rounds for many .410 so be careful. The 97 grain saboted slug is a winner though. I have shot deer with my .410 using these slugs. The other men with me had never seen such an entry wound. That 97 grain .410 slug stopped short of exiting by a hairs breadth.

The Taurus 4410 45/410 revolvers are finally coming down as well. I have seen some for $400 NIB. Be sure to check out www.gunbroker.com for used .410 shotguns for sale and Impact guns for the new ones.

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