Leinad Model DD and Leinad 11″ Double Barrel.410/.45LC

11" Stock Leinad 45/410 Double Barrel Pistol
11" Stock Leinad 45/410 Double Barrel Pistol


Two years ago I bought a Leinad 11″ 45/410 pistol from a gentleman in Texas. The weapon was made in Ducktown Tennessee. This is a great little .410 pistol that packs one heck of a wallop! The 410 shotgun shells make this baby roar, and, for what it’s worth, are not as much fun as shooting the .45 Colt. The .45 Colt rounds were a dream to shoot and I found that accuracy was nominal with the standard open sights. The birds-eye grips were adequate for shooting, though I had my doubts at first as they are rather small. I also found the forearm to be a bit of a finger splitter because if it’s sharp edges and so I cut mine down to 5 inches and removed the rear wings that stick back. Now it is at the local gunsmith for a custom job on the head-space, trigger and the selector/safety. The fire control knob is small and inadequate for quick reloads so my GS is going to install a ring on the left side that will allow one handed operation with the plunger type selector lever and tighten things uop a bit too. I have also installed a set of scope rings for a small scope. I will be posting pictures and video as soon as I get the pistol back from the GS so check in. Below I have posted some information about the Leinad/Cobray connection so that some of you will know where these pistols were made and why they are no longer produced. The Cobray Company  

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The Cobray Company was a manufacturer of sub-machine guns and semi-automatic carbines, handguns and shotguns as well as less-than-lethal 37mmlaunchers. These were manufactured by SWD.  Cobray models

  • M-10 (.45 ACP Caliber), semi and full auto
  • M-11 (.380 ACP Caliber), semi and full auto
  • M-11/9 (9mm Parabellum), semi and full auto
  • M-12 (.380 ACP), semi-auto only
  • Pocket Pal .22 Long Rifle/.380 ACP, dual-barrel, switch-cylinder, top-break revolver[1]
  • The Terminator, single-shot shotgun in 12 and 20-gauges[2][3]
  • M11-A1 .380 ACP, an open bolt version of the MAC 10.
  • Streetsweeper, A clone of the Armsel Striker. It featured limited parts commonality to the original weapons system.
  • Ladies Home Companion, A reduced caliber version of the Streetsweeper in .410 gauge.

  Legal issues

A 357 Magnum pistol. After some legal troubles, the company changed its name to Leinad (Daniel spelled backwards) and produced at least four new models which were designed to conform with the ban on assault weapons that was then in effect. Leinad models

  Closure of companyThe owners of Leinad chose to shut down the company because of the changes in the gun laws and the divorce of company founders Wayne and Sylvia Daniels. The Cobray Trademark is registered to a privately owned company in the US. They continue to manufacture parts and accessories for the firearms as well.   

32 thoughts on “Leinad Model DD and Leinad 11″ Double Barrel.410/.45LC

  1. SHOULD YOU NEED INFORMATION ABOUT PURCHASING A LEINAD GUN PLEASE CONTACT US AT 423-496-4200 800-642-1600 OR leinadinc@gmail.com for information or parts thank you

  2. Hi Im looking for a folding stock for the 11in double barrle I have seen only one before have you ever seen one or know where you can get one?

    1. Write to: leinadinc@gmail.com – they can help you.

    2. Hey if you still have your 11 in DD Leinad and want to sell it I am looking to buy one. I can’t find one anywhere

  3. How to put safety on model DD 410/.45

    1. Kevin,
      I did not get all of your post…
      Brent @ smallbore

    2. Mine had a safety mechanism in the form of a push-button safety. When it was moved to the right you could not cock the hammer and when moved to the left the hammer could be cocked. Could you please forward a picture of yours and the type of operating mechanism so I can see what may need to be done?

  4. I have the short barreled version of your gun, and I agree it is a nice little piece. A bit rough at the edges. How did your tuning project go? Any pictures?

    Can you tell me the name of the gunsmith who did your work?

    Thanks, Auggie

  5. What are these pistol worth ???

    1. The Vintage Sportsman January 21, 2011 — 4:20 pm

      New – $275 and used: $175 or less. The Leinad line is not yet a collectable line, that is, they are a recent firearm.

  6. I have the DD 45/410 with the folding stock and extended barrel. There is a problem with the safety as it will not push all the way thru to the left to release the break action to load shells. Any suggestions?

    Thanks Bob

    1. The Vintage Sportsman February 6, 2011 — 2:53 am

      Mine had this difficulty from time to time as well and it took some wiggling to get the safety into the “OFF” position. Try holding the receiver in your strong hand ( left or right hand) and the pistol grip in the other hand. Push on the safety with you index finger while you gently rock the receiver up and down. If that works you will have to relieve the safety channel a tad. Let me know and I will guide you from there.

      1. No luck. I can get it to move but it is about a32nd of inch from going flush so the blade release will slide over the top. Have soaked it liquid wrench hoping the would allow it to slide but it will not go the final little bit. It really feels like it is stopped on something solid??


      2. Brent MacArthur Charles February 28, 2011 — 7:55 am

        Bob, Are you holding the hammer back in the “1/2” cocked position when you attempt this?

  7. Guys the secret to the safety is in the hammer you need to half cock it and all will go smoothly on & off.

  8. Hi, I took this little gun , which when its shot, cracks the heck out of your knuckle, I took to the trigger with a dremmel tool and cut about 1/4 inch off the trigger, giving it a traditional “bannanna” look, then completely removed the safety plate that the safety has to slide beneth in order to be cocked, gave the gun a Kentucky Wildcat Blue coat of engine block paint, and this little bad boy is awesome fun. Still completely safe and alot better to look at now!

    1. Brent MacArthur Charles April 13, 2011 — 3:15 pm

      Nice! Can we see some pictures Tyler?

  9. I have worked on a few of these and right now I have one in the shop that won’t fire unless you hold the trigger down and let the hammer go by hand after it’s been pulled back as far as it can go. If the hammer is cocked and released by the trigger as designed, it will not fire. It’s a new gun pretty much and hasn’t had many rounds fired through it. One day the owner had this issue develop and now we’re going to give it the old once over. Anybody else had this problem? It’s our first time having one that doesn’t strike hard enough to fire.

    1. Brent MacArthur Charles April 21, 2011 — 4:26 pm

      Does it happen with all ammo or only certain types., ie., 410 or .45?

      1. The thing would fire shotgun shells a tad easier and some soft primed .45 long colts, but it was still hit or miss. It seemed that the hammer was not hitting as hard as it should. Once we started poking around, we found that the hammer spring had slipped out of its cradle and was sitting on the plastic spacer. The hammer spring pooped out of the cradle because of a broken lower coil. I replaced the spring and it stays in its cradle and the gun now fires all rounds put through it! Just finished it tonight.

      2. Brent MacArthur Charles April 22, 2011 — 7:30 am

        Yeah, ok. The headspace can go out of whack pretty easy with heavy loads. Mine did the same thing and required a bit of fitting. To test: grab the barrel in one hand and grip in the other. Is there any movement up and down. The chambers are slightly recessed on the Leinad and shotgun shells will usually be OK. The harder primers of 45 Colt coupled with the gap created between the casing and hammer presents a problem.
        To fix, you can remove the front hinge pin, reset the heaedspace, and ream/drill a new hinge pin hole. Of course you will need to have some Gunsmithing experience – but I checked your website and have no doubt you guys can fix this.
        Let me know how things go,

      3. Brent MacArthur Charles April 22, 2011 — 7:32 am

        Big PS here: That 300 Win mag is awesome. Looks like you folks do some great work!

  10. Thanks Brent! The nice comments on our work and my Remington .300 win mag are very appreciated. Thanks for checking out our work. I hope to see you in our forums!

    1. Brent MacArthur Charles April 30, 2011 — 7:52 am

      I will sign up! Do you ever work on Mauser rifles? How did you make out with the Leinad?

  11. Yes, we do work on Mausers. In fact they are one of my favorite rifles. I have an original K98 that is staying that way, but I recently was gifted a converted Mauser and I love it. Since it is Siamese Mauser that was converted over 30 years ago to 45-70, I’m going to TRICK it out all the way.
    About the Lienad…. the customer took delivery just after i posted here the second time. We got it all figured out and the owner has been shooting it silly ever since.
    Also, I’m glad to hear that you’ll be joining our small forum group. We could use some more gun enthusiasts. Thanks!

  12. How do I get a Catalog?

  13. I was wondering if any one had a single shot or double for sale. I had one and sold it and have regret it ever since. I would like to have a double shout but either would work. Thanks

  14. I have a model DD. it didnt have the firing pins in it so i called the guy in ducktown,tn where its made and they sent me new firing pins for it but i think something else is missing cause the firing pins came with springs and screws but it dont have a place in the gun to put the screws in to hold the pins in place. could someone maybe send me a pic of the gun apart of maybe a close up of the bottom of the gun where you would put in the firing pins?
    Thanks for any help on this.
    email pics here warchild_007@hotmail.com

  15. I have the Double Barrel 45/410 and would like to know where if possible a larger set of Grips could be purchased.. I love the Gun, but for me the Grip is too small to be comfortable, and a set of larger grips would also make the Gun Better Looking. Something like a set of western revolver grips. If anyone can help me with this I thank you very much.

  16. I ha\/e had the DD for many years and I learned early on after getting a busted middle knuckle to place the index finger along the barrel and pull the trigger with the middle finger. no need to rework anything.

  17. These derringer would be a really big hit if the company would of done what I have done to my Model D . I have built an extractor in the bottom part of the barrel. The barrel will also pop up when you pull back on the release buttons . And I also built a half cock notch in the Hammer. If interested E – mail at – magnumstarr@yahoo.com

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