Bass Pro Shops for hunting?!

I cannot believe this! .410 game loads and target loads for $10.00 a box!!!

.410 shotgun shells for sale at Bass Pro!? $10.49 for these Remington #6s
.410 shotgun shells for sale at Bass Pro!? $10.49 for these Remington #6s
Shells are not this low at Wally World! $9.99 a box for AA's
Shells are not this low at Wally World! $9.99 a box for AA's

If there is one thing a 410 shotgun shooter has a hard time with it’s the price we pay to play. Most gun shops and retail stores are 13-16 a box for .410 shotgun shells for sale.

That is why I began to reload my own several years ago. Now I have the best of both worlds when I buy a box of shells, keep the hulls, and use them two more times – that is frugality; and in toady’s financial climate we all need to save as much as possible.

So check out Bass Pro Shops by clicking the links above. I also threw one in for their “Clearance” dept., and if anyone else knows of lower prices on .410 shells for sale or .410 shotguns for sale please let us know.

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Shop the Clearance Department at

1 thought on “Bass Pro Shops for hunting?!

  1. in response to your comment that they are no longer produced, it is a common misconception because they are a little difficult to get a hold of. I just ordered the same one you have pictured here from the company last October, and I love mine as well. I have shot both 410 2 1/2 shot shells out of it and 45 long colts. The 410 shot doughnuts pretty quickly, I think because of the rifling, and also kick twice as hard as the 45s. I have shot a box of both 410s (cheap Winchester ammo) and Winchester 45 colts through it, and the lock up is starting to get a little sloppy. Not worried about it coming open because there is some pretty heavy duty steel pins holding it. I put a brown coat of spray paint on mine just to give it more of a howdah pistol look. please post your pics when you have the time, I would love to see them.

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