A Northwest view from the boat looking at Little Bear Island.
A Northwest view from the boat looking at Little Bear Island.

Recently spent a week at the family camp in Tuftonboro NH. The camp is on Cow Island and is a Lake Trout 033marvelous place to get away from it all – literally. We have hot water, lights and the usual other amenities so it is not like primitive camping, but the only phone is the one that you bring with you.

While there I began reading “A River Runs Through It” by Norman Maclean. I have seen the movie which goes by the same name approximately 10 times! Mainly because I am an avid Trout Fisherman. I must say the book is better. Which is typically the way these things go. But nonetheless the movie is good and a part of our video library.

So, I am going to post a picture of my largest Lake Trout this summer (you Canada guys don’t laugh now). A 20″ male, approximately 4 pounds. Lake Trout are prevalent in NH waters but the big ones are also picky. Many is the 20+ pounder but not yet for me. Anyway, enjoy the pic’s, and if you are interested please visit my new blog . It is a work in progress – but will grow, especially this winter when I set the rod’s aside and post the spring/summer pic’s of favorite trout and their corresponding stories.

My largest Trout of the summer...
My largest Trout of the summer...

 For now I will say that the time spent on the water is well worth it – fish or no fish. To be out in God’s creation, away from phones, audio, video and other distractions is truly ethereal. I find the wee hours of daylight and the waning ours to be the most beautiful times of day for a fisherman.

These are the times a man can think about anything he wants (as long as it is productive) and meditate too. I find that God is never to far from a persons mind when engaged in the view of His glorious creation.


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