.40 Caliber Pumpkin Ball Round

The bottom round will be your end result! This was from 25-30 yards =/-
3″ BPI Hull and a box of the .40 Caliber round-balls
BPI .410 “Bore stump” hull and two cork wads
A clean work station is a “Must” when reloading!
Cut-away view of the .395, 40 cal., .410 pumpkin ball round.


 To make the .40 cal pumpkin Ball round you will need the following materials:

CCI 209 primers

3″ BPI Hull

Bore Stump Hull

1/8″ Cork

Powder ( I use 15 grains of 2400)


And the following tools:

3/8″ Punch

Hull conditioner

Roll crimper



Organize your materials taking care to have a clean workbench.

Prep your hulls

Cut five 1/8″  X  3/8″ round wads from the cork. These will go over your 15 grains of 2400. Next place one .395 ball, then a borestump wad then another ball – DO NOT COMPRESS BEYOND ENOUGH PRESSURE TO ROLL CRIMP!


5 thoughts on “.40 Caliber Pumpkin Ball Round

  1. your site is the best i have found for help in reloading .410 shells

  2. I am wanting to take the 410 bore stump shell and load it with 0000 buck which .380 diameter in a 3 bpi hull. How would you do this

    1. Best to use a winchester wad as the roundballs fit inside snugly.

  3. I am looking at the pumpkin ball round. Heres my thought. Take a bpi 3 hull, put 12-15 grains of 2400 a cci 209 primer. Then drop a .380 0000 buckshot ball, felt wad, ball, felt,ball then crimp. Would that work

    1. Daniel,
      Great idea, been there too! Like the fact you are thinking about this stuff…You can make this round but accuracy drops way off for the .380 buckshot once it is deformed as it leaves the barrel. You can make your round and fill the voids around the balls with talc, this helps some, but sticking to the .41 roundball is the best performance, espeially for hunting with a .410

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