New Batch of 410 Shotgun Slugs

click here for the Recipe to make these slugs!

Just made a new batch of 410 slugs. 196 grain magnums! Using a slightly different recipe so I will not post it until I know it is safe. I was going out today to shoot but good old New England weather arrived – 6 inches of wet snow! First official day of spring too. O’ well, as the saying goes “Don’t like the weather in New England – just wait an hour it will change.”

Check back tomorrow for some pics as I will shoot in the morning.

30 yard 3" group with my 210 grain 410 slugs.

3 thoughts on “New Batch of 410 Shotgun Slugs

  1. I am interested in the .410 pump shotgun or the .410 double barrel shotgun and this slug version would be ideal for home defense, either that or the double odd buckshot. I currently have two .20Ga pump shotguns but they are far too powerful for repelling home invaders, I am afraid the buckshot will carry on past the attackers and harm an innocent person walking down the street or hit a passing car. This is why I would like more information on the .410 slug.


    Justin K. Kase

    1. Brent MacArthur Charles April 4, 2011 — 7:13 am

      Heah Justin,
      The .410 shotgun is a good choice for home defense. The 410 pump shotguns can hold 5 rounds of 3″ or 7 rounds of 2.5″. My home defense rounds are: 2.5″, 196 grain slug and 3″ Pumpkin Ball round made from two 110 grains .410 round mini balls. Both have excellent capabilities for reloading and can be loaded for close range, deep penetration but not overtly dangerous to friends and family in other rooms. Do you reload?

  2. want to find out more about 410 slug load, were do you get the slug

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