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The 410/45 Shotgun Dilemma

The 410 shotgun 45 handgun combination is quite appealing to many people. Firstly, you have the 45 Colt cartridge with its proven ballistics as a hunting and self defense round: “Double Tap” ammo has a 225 grain round that boasts 1117 pounds of muzzle energy and a wopping 1495 fps! As for the .410 shotgun side of things, because the 45 colt round and the 410 Hull are of equal size you can chamber both. The .410 shell loaded with #4-7 birdshot at a close distance can wreak havoc on snakes: both those that crawl and those that do not.

Great ammunition for cowboy action shoots and target shooting. Developed with controlled recoil for enhanced accuracy. Loaded with 250-grain lead round-nose bullets.

The purpose for writing this article is that some folks have written in wondering what size slug to use in the Taurus or Leinad family of rifled 45/410 pistols. The largest .410 shotgun slug is only .410″ in diameter. The 45 Colt is .451-.454 and therefore you can fire a .410 slug from your Taurus, Rossi, et al., but accuracy will be lousy as will power. The 45 Colt is the slug for this family of .410 shotgun.

Some guys mistakenly believe you can fire a .45 slug from a .410 shotgun – not so. The same principle works in reverse and if you try to fire that .45

Ammo Update

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210 Grain Slug Recipe is posted!

Click here for the recipe!

Now you can make your own 210 Grain .410 Shotgun Slugs!

***WARNING*** Do not shoot from a choked barrel! Only shoot from a Cylinder Bore shotgun!

The 148gr. 410 Slug


This is an awesome load. A 148gr. Hollow base double wadcutter .410 shotgun slug –  here is the recipe:

1 – 3″  .410 BPI Hull w/209 primer

11 -grains of Red-Dot

3- 1/2″ Fiber wadstoday-045

1- WSA .410 HS Red Wad cut to sabot size (see the picture above)

1- .358 Hollow Based Double wad-cutter

Finish with a roll-crimp

148gr. is a large and effective round for close in hunting and personal defense. One out of five rounds will tumble at distances over 40 yards, but the rest are consistently in a 3″-4″ group. I have found this round not as accurate as a pumpkin ball slug, but more damaging. 410 shotgun slugs have always been “Under Weighed” in my estimation. What I mean by that is the 410 slug rounds from UK and American shell makers rarely exceed 100 grains – 148 grains is a slug!