210 Grain Slug Recipe is posted!

Click here for the recipe!

Now you can make your own 210 Grain .410 Shotgun Slugs!

***WARNING*** Do not shoot from a choked barrel! Only shoot from a Cylinder Bore shotgun!


5 thoughts on “210 Grain Slug Recipe is posted!

  1. What brand and/or type (hardcast, soft, etc.) of bullet would you recommend? Also, I
    would like to know if Magtech or Rocky Mountain Cartridge Company brass .410 hulls
    can be used?

    1. I have used many types of .410 cast bullets and from varying companies. I have found that the Lee TL410-210-SWC works best with a Lyman #2 mixture. I am working on trying “Pure” lead at present. A guy gave me about 50 pounds of roof flashing and it casts fairly soft. I do recommend the rounds be lubed as well. As for Magtech Brass I have used it with moderate success. The Magtech .410 Brass is a “Straight Wall” cartridge and feeding is always an issue in any .410 shotgun other than a single shot or double Gun. The brass just does not want to chamber like a tapered round will. I hope this helps – let me know if you have more questions. Midway USA is where I get most of my cast bullets when ordering online.

  2. Brent, thanks for the information! Have you tried using a .41 Magnum JHP Pistol Bullets
    (170 grain or 210 grain) with Rocky Mountain Cartridge Company’s .410 Bore 2-1/2″
    Brass Hulls and a .41 Magnum Factory Crimp Die?

  3. Would you quantify the accuracy from a 45/410 Thanks

    1. Glenn, I used the aforementioned slugs in shotguns only.

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